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Donna Dundee Eaton Biography – Donna Dundee Eaton Wiki

Donna Dundee Eaton (also known as Donna Joy Eaton) was the wife of wrestling icon Bobby Eaton and daughter of pro wrestler Bill Dundee. Bobby Eaton was a tag-team specialist, beginning his successful career at the age of 17. He was a former National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) tag-team champion as a member of Midnight Express, first with Dennis Condrey and later with “Sweet” Stan Lane. Throughout his career he also won championship titles throughout the World Championship Wrestling, Mid-Atlantic Championship, and Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton died on August 4, 2021, aged 62. Eaton’s sister, Debbie Eaton Lewis, shared the news of his death on Facebook.

Steven Regal tweeted: “My deepest condolences to Taryn, Dillon & Dustin and family of Bobby Eaton who has passed away. My dear friend, partner, travel buddy, teacher, superbly skilled Pro who would make everyone who knew him feel happy inside, love you.x.”

Donna Dundee Eaton Age

Donna Dundee Eaton was born on October 2, 1963, and passed away on June 26, 2021, at age 57.

Donna Dundee Bobby Eaton

Bobby Eaton married Donna Dundee, the daughter of pro wrestler Bill Dundee. When they first started dating, they had to keep the relationship secret from her father, as her father had forbidden her from dating the wrestlers he was booking. When Dundee found out she was dating Eaton, he relented because Eaton was such a nice guy.

The wrestler told DDT Digest about how he and his wife Donna met: “It’s actually a pretty funny story how my wife Donna and I met. Bill Dundee was the boss in the territory in the time. The number-one rule he had for his daughter was that she was never, ever to go out with a wrestler. Heck, she wasn’t even allowed to talk to them.

“Well, at their house, dad had his own phone line, and Donna had hers. And she was under strict orders to never use her dad’s phone. Well, one day I called up about getting a booking changed, and Bill was in the shower. So, against orders, rather than let it ring, Donna picked up her dad’s phone. She and I got to talking a bit, and she said she be at the matches and she’d wave to me.

“Well, she never showed up that night, and I wound up calling her two weeks later to ask her out for beer and pizza. So, without her dad knowing, we went out. That first date, she did all the talking, and I was pretty quiet, so she thought I was kind of dull. However, we kept going out.

“We kept going out and she kept it a secret from her dad for nine months. When she finally told him she was dating a wrestler, it was at dinner. He dropped his fork, started cursing, and yelled, “Who is he??!! I’ll make sure he never works again!!!!” She told him it was me, and he didn’t say a word, he just started eating again. Donna was like “So?”, and her dad said that out of all the boys, she had picked the best.”

Donna Dundee Eaton Children

Donna Dundee and Bobby Eaton had three children: Dustin, Dylan, and Taryn Priscilla Eaton. His daughter, Taryn Priscilla Eaton, was living with Eaton and caring for him at the time of his death.

Donna Dundee Eaton Death

Donna Dundee passed away on June 26, 2021, at age 57.

Donna Dundee Eaton Cause of Death – Bobby Eaton Wife Cause of Death

Donna Dundee’s cause of death was cancer.

Donna Dundee Eaton Obituary

Donna Dundee Eaton’s obituary can be found on the Neptune Society website. Neptune Society is a provider of cremation services in the United States.

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