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Denise Grayson Bio -Denise Grayson Wiki

Denise Grayson is an actress who is an intellectual property lawyer. She portrays an intellectual property attorney in ‘David Fincher”s movie _The Social Network a perfect example of art imitating life.

Denise landed her role in The Social Network (2010) after being spotted at a party by the film’s casting director, Laray Mayfield. Laray asked her if she was an actor. In the presence of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who were standing nearby, Denise was at first reluctant to admit that she was.

But it was a nerve-wracking four months before she knew the role was hers. At first, she didn’t even know she was auditioning for a David Fincher movie.

In her first feature film, 1999’s Puppet (1999), she played an FBI agent. Next came a short film Gasline (2001), which won the jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The writer/director, ‘Dave Silver’, cast her again in his first full-length feature Corn (2004).

She followed with three movies for the Hallmark Channel. In Though None Go with Me (2006), she aged considerably, playing a sixty-year-old opposite Cheryl Ladd. This was followed by Pandemic (2007) and the 2009 movie Citizen Jane (2009), playing a bank manager.

She is licensed to practice law in New York and Florida. Although she is immersed in her acting career, she generously donates her time in California doing pro bono mediation work. She also coaches stand-up comedians.

While still in her twenties, she was in-house counsel for Paine Webber (now UBS) and then for Bankers Trust (now Deutsche Bank) as an intellectual property lawyer with a specialty in technology.

She entered college in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York at the age of 16, majoring in accounting and economics. She also took courses in public speaking to overcome her shyness. At twenty, she was already studying at the University of Miami School of Law. In her last year there, she successfully tried six supervised felony cases. Upon graduating, she had the opportunity to work as a state prosecutor, but realized this was not the work she wanted to do when she felt sympathy for the defendant in a major murder case.

Moving back to New York to be near her parents, both teachers and artists, she embarked on a legal career that was far removed from sympathetic murder suspects. She worked in the early days of the technology boom and the beginning of the Internet.She soon struck out on her own, representing most of the major banks and financial institutions, including Merrill Lynch, Chase and Prudential.

At the same time, she became involved in acting, reigniting her childhood creativity when she played the lead in a number of school plays. She started classes at Uta Hagen’s famous HB Studios and continued to study there for years. Juggling two careers, Denise got work as a model and as an actress in commercials while she continued to work as an attorney.

Denise Grayson Age

Details of her age and her place of birth are unknown.

Denise Grayson Partner

She has been Robert Forster’s partner long time partner since he got divorced from his two marriages till his death on October 11, 2019. They have been together for 16 years.

Denise Grayson Family

She grew up in New York and later moved back to NY to be near her parents, both teachers and artists.
She has since been a part of Foster’s family as she was his long time partner and she has been left behind with the four children of Robert Forster.

Denise Grayson Attorney

She was in-house counsel for Paine Webber and Bankers Trust but struck out on her own, representing most of the major banks, including Merrill Lynch, Chase and Prudential.

Denise Grayson Movies

Some of the movies she has appeared as cast are;

  • The Social Network (2010)
  • Though None Go With Me
  • Somewhere Slow
  • A Dark Plan
  • Coffee, Kill Boss among others.

Denise Grayson Nominations

Critics Choice Movie Award For Best Acting Ensemble.

Denise Grayson Net Worth

Denise Grayson’s net worth is unknown .However, her partner Robert Forster had an estimated net worth of $10 million at the time of his death in 2019.

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