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Debby Toronto (real name Alexis Matos) was a Toronto rapper and Instagram personality. She was known for her diss videos, and once even caught the attention of Drake, who responded to her stating that she could crush him in a game of basketball while outside of his mansion.

Debby Toronto Age

Debby Toronto’s age is unclear.

Debby Toronto Real Name

Debby Toronto’s real name was Alexis Matos.

Debby Toronto Death

Debby Toronto, whose real name was Alexis Matos, died on November 2, 2021, from a drug overdose, according to a GoFundMe campaign set up to help raise funds for her funeral expenses. The GoFundMe page said that she passed away in a shelter from a drug overdose.

A statement on the GoFundMe page said: “Toronto received some very sad news on November 2, 2021. Our beloved icon Debby, also known as Alexis Matos, passed away in a shelter from a drug overdose and unfortunately, she doesn’t have any arrangements for a service. So me, Tiny and Debby’s cousin, Heather, will be organizing this fundraiser to make sure Debby has a proper send off with the respect and peace that she deserves.

“I will be posting more updates as soon as I know any other information. Privacy and space is appreciated at this very hard time. Thank you everyone and may this poor girl Rest In Peace. Debby Gang 4L.”

An update on the page said that “the city will be covering all expenses and we are not accepting any other donations at this time as we do not need the money”. The update said: “Hi everyone. Thank you for everybody’s support today in raising money for Debby’s funeral. Fortunately, the city will be covering all expenses and we are not accepting any other donations at this time as we do not need the money. People who have already donated will expect a refund from go fund me.”

A video uploaded to Debby Toronto’s Instagram account also confirmed her death. In the video, a young woman talks about addiction and death. The woman said: “I hope this brings awareness to people that are still using drugs or just using Fentanyl directly.”

6ixBuzz tweeted: “R.I.P to a Toronto Legend… This morning it was confirmed that Debby passed away from an overdose.” Some social media users pointed out the hypocrisy of 6ixBuzz announcing her death, saying that the outlet had a history of exploiting the rapper.

Melissa Gil, host of Mel Gil Sports Podcast, tweeted: “Debby is the perfect example of people will only care when you’re gone.. These Toronto media pages exploited her, setting her up for harassment in REAL LIFE and got clout at the expense of her struggles. And now they try to claim they were helping her the whole time. “

She wrote in another tweet: “Debby passing is actually very sad. everyone made a mockery of her when she clearly needed help. pages like 6ixbuzz are literally trash, they just exploited her for likes & comments. people our age should not be dying from things like this.” She added: “just to clarify, it is sad at any age. but in this situation where people decided to record, laugh at her & post her in distress rather than help her with the two million followers platform they have. all they do is spread bs within the community.”

Debby Toronto Instagram

Debby Toronto’s Instagram handle is

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