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Christian Guardino is a singer, songwriter, and performer from Long Island, New York. He is known for his songs: Waiting (2019), Missing Part of Me (2018), and Wishful Thinking (2020). He is a contestant on the 20th season of American Idol. Guardino auditioned for the show and earned a golden ticket to Hollywood for The twentieth season of the American reality singing competition show, American Idol. The show’s twentieth series started airing on February 27, 2022, on the ABC television network.

Guardino has been singing since he was a young boy. The Long Island native was the 2014 Grand Prize Champion at The Apollo Theater’s “Amateur Night at The Apollo Stars of Tomorrow” category. In 2016, Guardino performed at The New York Stock Exchange Opening Bell Ceremony alongside The Apollo representatives. He also performed the national anthem at the 2016 NY Islanders playoff. In 2018, he recorded and released “Missing Part of Me” alongside Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sacha Skarbek.

Christian Guardino America’s Got Talent

Guardino was a singer act from Season 12 of America’s Got Talent. He was eliminated in the Semifinals. For his AGT audition, he performed The Jackson 5’s “Who’s Lovin’ You”. His performance wowed Howie Mandel who eventually pressed his Golden Buzzer to send Guardino straight to the Quarterfinals. During the Week One Quarterfinals performance in Episode 1211, Guardino performed Ed Sheeran’s “Make It Rain.” judges: Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell all gave him standing ovations. He placed 6th, 7th, or 8th in America’s Vote. In the Dunkin’ Save, Guardino earned more online votes than fellow contestants, Just Jerk and Yoli Mayor, and advanced to the Semifinals in Episode 1212.

For the Week 2 Semifinals in Episode 1219, his performance included singing Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”. Judges: Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell all gave him standing ovations. Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the competition after receiving fewer votes to advance him to the Finals in Episode 1220.

Christian Guardino Age

How old is Christian Guardino? He is 22 years old as of 2022. He was born on March 14, 2000, in Long Island, New York, United States.

Christian Guardino Girlfriend

Is Christian Guardino married? His marriage is unclear. His girlfriend is unclear.

Christian Guardino Family

Who are Christian Guardino’s parents? His parents are Beth Guardino (mother). His mother serves as a nurse. Christian Guardino’s father is unclear.

Christian Guardino Disease

The Long Island native was born with a degenerative disease known as Leber congenital amaurosis, the disease affects the retina. This condition left Guardino legally blind when he was just six months old. His vision further declined until he was 12. Her mother, Beth who is a nurse later got in with a support group that saw Guardino undergo a new type of gene therapy at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and gained a significant amount of his vision back.

In 2020, he said that his life had totally changed after receiving gene therapy at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Guardino said via Instagram, “I can’t believe it’s already been seven years since I’ve received gene therapy and I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember seeing the moon for the first time and the stars and snow falling but not only that, gene therapy has given me the confidence in myself to accomplish so many incredible things. I want to thank everybody at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and spark therapeutics not only for how they changed my life but for how they changed the lives of so many others & continue to find treatment for the other gene mutations of LCA & other forms of blindness. Thank you guys so much I’m blessed to have vision today.”

Speaking about his condition Guardino told Fox News in an interview, “Growing up, it was always hard for me to see anything, so that vision that I did have, I had to really work to use it. I remember growing up and not being able to do as many things as everyone else was able to do. They’d be playing all these games, and all I remember is sitting with my parents by a light inside the house.”

Christian Guardino Net Worth

Christian Guardino’s net worth is estimated to be $1 Million

Christian Guardino Instagram

His Instagram handle is @christianguardino.