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Brandon Montel Biography – Brandon Montel Wiki

Brandon Montel is an American ballroom model and singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. He is a contestant on NBC’s singing show The Voice which is on its 24th season.

Montel shared that he has been living in Los Angeles for six years and working mostly as a background singer.

He also revealed that he’s involved in the underground ballroom culture for members of the LGBTQ+ community who are Black and Latino that originated in the 1900s in New York City. Montel showed off some of his moves, treating the stage as a runway as he strutted and posed.

Brandon Montel Age

Montel is 29 years old as of 2023. He hails from Memphis, Tennessee.

Brandon Montel The Voice

Montel is a contestant on the 24th season of The Voice blind auditions. The 29-year-old singer from Memphis performed H.E.R.’s “Hard Place.” New coach Reba McEntire was the first to turn her chair. She blocked John Legend. That is when fellow coaches Niall Horan and Gwen Stefani pressed their buttons at the same time as Legend, the latter of whom was disappointed to see he had been blocked.

“We’ve been unceremoniously prevented from working together,” Legend said in regards to being blocked, but hinted that if there’s ever an opportunity to steal him from McEntire’s team, “I will be first in line.”

“That was so good,” praised Horan, saying that Montel’s vocal runs are “tasteful” and his tone is “so good.” “Something that we actually haven’t heard.”

“Brandon, you’re the reason why I blocked on John,” McEntire professed as she rose to her feet to make her case. “I have been holding my block waiting on this opportunity because you are so special. McEntire continued, “I don’t have anybody like you – you’re pitch, everything about your soulfulness. I knew you were a performer, so then when I turned around and I saw you I thought, ‘Oh man am I so glad I blocked John.’”

Stefani said, “I thought your performance was gorgeous, beautiful, and very original-sounding,” who listed off her credentials as a coach, citing how she is a band in a band that had a successful solo career and has “bounced around in so many different genres of music.”

He picked Gwen Stefani as his coach.


His Instagram handle is @brandon_montel.