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Bishop Godfrey Migwi Biography – Bishop Godfrey Migwi Wiki

Bishop Godfrey Migwi was a Kenyan preacher and politician. He was the founder of House of Hope Church in Kayole, Nairobi, Kenya. The preacher had a religious show called ‘Kwenjera Uma Wa Mandiko’ (analysing the truth of the word) every Wednesday on Kameme Radio alongside man Nyari and Kamlesh.

He had previously declared interest in vying for the Mathioya parliamentary seat in Kenya’s 2022 General elections. Mathioya Constituency is one of seven constituencies of Muranga County.

“It is true I will be vying for the parliamentary seat next year. I come from the region and I understand their problems, this is more of a calling to liberate the region rather than normal politics played around,” the preacher told The Nairobian in May. “It doesn’t mean I have left the church. If I win the seat, it will be a good opportunity for me to preach and pray in Parliament and end deep-rooted corruption. We all heard sometimes back how MPs were found sharing bribes in the toilet to support certain bills. With prayers, we will overcome such.”

Bishop Godfrey Migwi Age

He passed away on 1 December 2021. Bishop Godfrey Migwi’s age is unclear.

Bishop Godfrey Migwi Wife

Was Bishop Godfrey Migwi married? He was married to his wife whose name is still not available.

Bishop Godfrey Migwi Family

He is survived by his wife and children.

Bishop Godfrey Migwi Death

Bishop Godfrey Migwi passed away on Wednesday 1 December 2021. His death was announced on Kameme TV on Thursday, December 2. William Samoei Ruto, the deputy president of Kenya, paid tribute to the late Bishop writing:

“Bishop Godfrey Migwi was a bold, vocal and powerful spiritual leader with great sense of humour. He was a mentor and a friend with firm pastoral faith that he infused to many of us. We will miss his topical and nourishing sermons.

“Our love and prayers to the family, their loved ones and the House Of Hope Church-Kayole fraternity during this sad time. Rest In Peace, Bishop Migwi.”

Bishop Godfrey Migwi Cause of Death

The cause of death was not immediately revealed. According to a close family member, the preacher had been ill. TV47 reported that the bishop died of high blood pressure.