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Andrew Brunson full name Andrew Craig Brunson, is an American pastor for the Izmir Diriliş (Resurrection) Church, a small evangelical Presbyterian congregation in the city of Izmir.

Andrew filed an application to renew his residence visa in April 2016. On October 7, 2016, the local police department summoned him for what he assumed to be a routine meeting to discuss his visa renewal. However, he was taken into custody upon his arrival at the station and told he would be deported within 15 days.

A lawyer who asked to visit Andrew was denied access. When the lawyer returned with an affidavit, officials told him that he signed a statement declaring that he did not want a lawyer; the document he signed waived his right to legal representation. Initially, Turkey also refused to allow a U.S. consulate representative to meet with him, a violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. During this period, members of the Pastor’s church attempted to bring food, water, and clothing to him, but were denied access until October 13. Pastor Brunson was not allowed contact with other prisoners and was held incommunicado in the Harmandali Detention Center.

A court document released at a December 9, 2016 hearing indicated that Pastor Brunson had been charged with “membership in an armed terrorist organization.” The judge reportedly mentioned allegations that Pastor Brunson is linked to the Gülen movement, which the Turkish government accuses of planning the failed July 2016 coup.

Pastor Brunson’s first court hearing of his trial occurred on April 16, 2018, after 18 months in detention. His second hearing took place on May 7; then USCIRF Vice Chair Sandra Jolley and USCIRF staff attended in person. His third hearing, which Vice Chair Arriaga and USCIRF staff attended, took place on July 18. Pastor Brunson was released to house arrest on July 25 due to health concerns. His fourth hearing was scheduled for October 12, 2018 in which he was freed to leave the country after a judge sentenced him to time served.

He was detained in Turkey for two years from October 7, 2016 to October 12, 2018 for “support of a terrorist organization” and “political or military espionage.”

Andrew Brunson Age

He was born on January 3, 1968 in Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States to Pam Brunson and Ron Brunson.

Andrew Brunson Wife

His wife is Norine Brunson.

Andrew Brunson Children

He has 3 children, two of whom were born in Turkey.

Andrew Brunson Family

He was born to Pam Brunson and Ron Brunson. He is married to Norine Brunson and they have three childrenn.

Andrew Brunson Parents

He was born to Pam Brunson and Ron Brunson.

Andrew Brunson Religion

He is a Protestant Christian.

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