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Alyssa Carson Bio – Alyssa Carson Wiki

Alyssa Carson, also known as Blueberry is an American astronaut trainee and public speaker. She always wanted to fulfill her dream of being an astronaut since she was 3 years old.

Alyssa said on Mars One’s website, “at the age of 3 I wanted to fulfill my dream of being an astronaut. I hope to be the first or one of the first on Mars. I would love to go to Mars because it is a planet that no one has been before. It’s about the same size as the Earth and there are ice caps at the top and bottom of Mars. That means there is water on Mars. This could possibly be our next Earth. Just think about all the things that are in Space. For example: planets we have never explored, galaxies that we have never heard of, stars that are just babies, black holes that are as wide as the Sun to Pluto multiple times and has the mass of a billion suns, parts of the universe that we have never seen. Just think of all that stuff just floating around. It’s more than you can imagine.”

Alyssa’s list of accomplishments include witnessing 3 Space Shuttle launches, attending Space Camp 7 times, Space Academy 3 times, Robotics Academy once, youngest to graduated Advanced Space Academy, and multiple Sally Ride Camps. In 2012 and 2013, she furthered her education at Space Camp Turkey and Space Camp Canada, becoming the first person to attend all three NASA Space Camps in the world. On October 9, 2013, she became the first person to complete the NASA Passport program, visiting all 14 NASA Visitor’s Centers in the United States.

In January 2013, NASA invited her to be on the MER 10 panel in Washington DC to discuss future missions to Mars live on NASA TV. She was later selected as one of seven ambassadors representing Mars One, a mission to establish a human colony on Mars in 2030. In October 2016 Alyssa was the youngest to be accepted and graduate the Advanced Possum Academy, officially making her certified to go to space and an astronaut trainee.

She has appeared in several tv shows, been written up in numerous newspapers and magazines.

Alyssa Carson Age

She was born on March 10, 2001, in Hammond, Louisiana, United States.

Alyssa Carson Parents

Her father is named Bert Carson. Little is known about her mother.

Alyssa Carson Family

Her father, Bert Carson is a single parent and Alyssa is his only child.

Alyssa Carson Qualifications

At the age of 15, Caron entered the Possum Academy, which trains citizen scientists to become ready to go to space through research missions. By the age of 17, she was certified to go into space, and by the age of 18, she received her pilot’s license. She graduated from Baton Rouge International School in 2019. She is currently studying astrobiology at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.

Alyssa Carson Height

She stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m).

Alyssa Carson Nationality

She is of American nationality.

Alyssa Carson Religion

She is a Christian.

Alyssa Carson Net Worth

Alyssa Carson’s net worth is unknown.

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